It all began in 2019 with an idea. The idea of giving people back what was rightfully their's - privacy and security. The vision of having a self sovereign identity was very dear to our founders and they held it close. Safle was created and nurtured with this vision.

Humble beginnings
The initial steps were planting the seeds of a Self Sovereign Identity based Digital Asset Vault
Big ideas!
Project Planning and Architecture
Let’s expand
Hiring & Staffing for Tech
Planting the seeds of a seamless decentralised experience using SafleID


Then we moved on to the next phase of our journey, working on and developing upon our ideas and trying to put it across to the community we’ve been catering. The goal was to make a change and make the world a better place.

Building Blocks
Laying the foundation of a non custodial open source wallet and Web3 infrastructure.
Existing Inadequacies
Understanding the difficulties of open authentication and preserving the DID ethos while building the first version of SafleID wallets.
Ran Ethereum technical workshops in over 60 universities focused to Computer Science engineers
SafleID Integration
Created SDKs and packages on Node Package Managers to be used by other dApp developers to integrate SafleID wallets and Keyless

Ship Voyage

2021 is the year when we come out. Ready and geared up after two years of long research and struggle we come out stronger and better, ready to showcase what we are here to do and why we are here to stay! We are here to make the cryptoverse more accessible!

Game on!
SafleID smart contract deployed on Ethereum and Matic mainnet.
Beta Launch
Closed beta launch to community members and early adopters
We’re Everywhere
Browser Extension and Mobile Application launch with a completely new Web Dashboard.
Seamless Dive
Seamless cross device experience to enter the world of dApps, DeFi and NFTs over multiple blockchains with a completely portable SafleID.


Although we would have grown by then, our basic tenets will never change. $SAFLE holders will have governance power to choose where the community wants it to go. We serve the community, therefore all power will be distributed among the members of the community.

Smart Payments
Enabling smart payments for the M2M economy with proxy smart contracts helping you to manage your smart devices.
Self-Sovereign ID
Using SSI protocol to build onchain identities for the gig economy, gaming sector, financial services.
Internet Computer
Moving the entire backend towards the Internet Computer to store and compute on decentralised networks rather than current private environments of AWS, IBM.
Staking Rewards
Stake & Farm via Safle will enable users to stake tokens and earn better APY on a diverse range of DeFi staking protocols.

Know more about how you can join the open source decentralised wallet and infra project.

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