Simple integration for wallets and web3

Easily onboard users to your dApps and Buidl new use cases with a comprehensive node and wallet infrastructure.

All your infrastructural needs in one place

We provide you with the most flexible, scalable and developer friendly integrations to Buidl upon

Web3 Provider

Safle offers flexible APIs allowing you to easily manage your nodes on multiple blockchains, along with customizable dashboard features.

Gasless Transactions

Enable your whitelisted users to transact on the Ethereum Network sans any gas fees.

Wallet as a Service

Your new age HD wallet service is here. Forget the hassle of generating and managing keys.

Things that make us special

There is so much you can do with our dashboard. Let's reform the centralised web and take back control of our digital identities together!

Private and secure access to the world of blockchain

Access all these and more with our safe, secure and private digital identity solution

Know more about how you can join the open source decentralised wallet and infra project.

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